About Puck Off Mental Illness



 The  purpose of the walk is to raise awareness and money to help fight  against mental health issues. Raising awareness is much more important  than people think. It helps those who suffer from this disease realize  that talking to your family and friends is one of the best ways to deal  with the disease. Whether you suffer from an eating disorder, anxiety,  depression, or any other nasty thing, talking is an amazing part of  being happy and healthy. Individuals need to know that there is always  someone to talk to and that people care for them. By walking from  Vancouver to Calgary, I hope to inspire those who are struggling with  mental illness to speak up and tell loved ones that they are seeking  someone to talk to.

About Me


My  name is Kyle Patterson from Calgary, AB. I have suffered from mental  illness for most of my 24 year life. Anxiety and depression took over my  life at one point and there is no worse feeling than that. A lot of my  anxiety came from food allergies and I would always be on edge or afraid  of having an allergic reaction. This led to me missing classes and  social events for many days in a row. Depression followed soon after. I  missed out on countless opportunities in my life due to this. There  would be days and sometimes weeks when I didn’t have the strength to  leave my own bedroom. This all being said, things are going better for  me due to the support of family and friends. The reason the fundraiser  is called “Puck Off Mental Illness” is because I found that going to the  hockey and lacrosse rink and playing sports with my friends was the  best escape from the anxiety and depression.  What I will be doing is a  fundraiser to raise awareness and money for those who suffer from mental  illness. I will be walking from Vancouver to Calgary and during this  long walk I hope to raise as much awareness and donations as possible to  help fight against this disease.



Your donations will be sent to the Canadian Mental Health Association in support of those who suffer from mental illness.  ANY DONATIONS ARE WELCOME AND MUCH APPRECIATED ​ Click the link below to donate!   https://www.gofundme.com/puck-off-mental-illness


**If you would like a tax receipt, please leave the following info in the comment area when donating on my go fund me page: -name, address, province, postal code, phone, and email *Issued only for donations $20 or more